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Gauges and Instruments

Full Range of gauges from stock, street, mild, and wild use! 

  • Prosport Boost Gauge Digital Display-52mm

    For those who require a higher boost threshold, Our new Boost gauge will read up to 45 PSI.This Digital Electrical Boost Gauge will perform a start-up ceremony!If your vehicle is supercharged or turbocharged then this gauge is simply a must have. For...

    LISTED: $100.00
    Sale: $80.00
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  • Prosport Volt Gauge Digital Display-52mm

    52 mm Electrical Digital Volt GaugeMonitor your engine functions with one quick glance and notice any problems before your vehicle leaves you stranded.Don't wait for your factory battery light to come on, once that happens you'll be walking home!Don't...

    LISTED: $75.00
    Sale: $50.00
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  • Prosport Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge Digital display-52mm

    Now you can easily learn the Exhaust temperature & how your modifications will affect the engine performance. With this gauge you can now tune your vehicle for peak performance.(392°F~2498°F includes K-type Sender, Visor, Decals, Mounting...

    LISTED: $150.00
    Sale: $120.00
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