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LED Replacement Headlights

Full Plug and Play Lighting.

  • Cab Lights

    Cab Lights

    Replacement 3rd break lights for dodge, ram, chevy trucks,any other vehicles! Any other make that use the 192 "t10" style plug in bulb. see fitment guide for details   Direct plug and play!! Canbus built in!!  No error messages  

    SWEET DEAL: $20.00
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  • T10/T15 high output LED "backup"

    T10/T15 high output LED "backup"

    All New T-10 / T-15 led backup    This is a new pair "2" leds that are for back ups only!  These leds put out more then 5,000 luminous each!! They are 6000k pure white color temp. Back with our limited lifetime warranty. Plug...

    CRAZY RETAIL: $65.00
    SWEET DEAL: $50.00
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  • T20 High Output Back Ups

    T20 High Output Back Ups

    This is T20 Style Replacment bulb set and canbus built in!!! That is all plug and play! no modding, no error messages, no flicker. 5,000 plus lm per unit of light!! all aluminum housing built. 6500K Pure white light! you can turn them in housing...

    CRAZY RETAIL: $100.00
    SWEET DEAL: $65.00
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  • LED Single Bulb

    LED Single Bulb

    Single bulb for use of replacement of factory units.   Also Single Bulb sales for use of Motorcycles and ATVS with a single bulb is required.     NEW LEDS ARE SMALLER AND JUST AS BRIGHT AS OTHER UNITS...

    SWEET DEAL: $50.00
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  • SALE


    THE NEW LED LIGHTS.   IP68 Rated!    Newer smaller size!    Better fitment with most dust covers*   small led pattern for less dark spots and light scatter.   new fan less design to keep away from...

    SWEET DEAL: $80.00 - $100.00
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