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    EZ Drain valve for easy oil drains

    14-18 Eco Diesel Catch Can

    This is the oil catch can made just for the Eco Diesel! Made fully out of 6061 Aluminum. Last FOREVER. Built in Bottom EZ Drain Valve for easy oil drain. "106 Valve" Double baffle system. "never clean, clog, or freeze!"     This is the...

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  • Active Grill Shutter Delete kit

    Active Grill Shutter Delete kit

    Looking at deleting your active grill shutter? Don't want to void warranty by getting a tune? Well this kit is for you! This kit lets you take your Eco Diesel Active grill shutter out error free. If needed it can all turn right back to stock! Now you...

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  • Baffle Delete tube "CAC" Ram & G.C.

    Baffle Delete tube "CAC" Ram & G.C.

    This is a Fully Fab replacement pipe that will direct bolt on for the 2014-2015 ecodiesel Ram and 2014-2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee. This pipe is located on the hot side inter cooler pipe. This will gain more turbo noise. Added boost "0.5-2 psi"...

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    Basic Eco Diesel EGR Solution

    Basic Eco Diesel EGR Solution

    FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY!   This is the Basic block off plates for the Eco Diesel. 2014-2018  This will replace the tube that goes from the egr to the intake. This will prevent any future erg issue " failure coolant leaking into the...

    $125.00 $55.00
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  • Cab Lights

    Cab Lights

    Replacement 3rd break lights for dodge, ram, chevy trucks,any other vehicles! Any other make that use the 192 "t10" style plug in bulb. see fitment guide for details   Direct plug and play!! Canbus built in!!  No error messages  

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  • Cover still works on this combo unit.

    CAC Delete, Intake tube combo

    This is the Cac delete tube that only fits the 2014-2015 eco diesel Ram with the intake tube added as a combo!  Add boost pressure. add power. add mpg. more turbo noise.   BAFFLE DELETE "CAC" DOSE NOT WORK ON 2016+ RAM TRUCKS!! THEY...

    $150.00 $110.00
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  • CFT EcoDiesel Ram Compound Kit

    BUILT AND INSTALLED IN THE SHOP ONLY!        New Compound bolt on set up for the Ram EcoDiesel!   More Power!   Better Towing   Lower EGTS!    Lots of added options of 3 or 4 inch inter cooler and...

  • Eco Diesel Inter Cooler ONLY

    Eco Diesel Inter Cooler ONLY

    This is Just the ECO Diesel Inter Cooler by its self. ALL THE INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND ON IT IN OUR FULL SYSTEM LINE UP      Kit includes 1- Custom Built Inter Cooler for eco diesel  2- mounting bolts. 

    $650.00 $550.00
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    Eco Diesel Oil Cooler 2014-2017

    Eco Diesel Oil Cooler 2014-2017

    DOSE NOT WORK ON JEEP ECO DIESEL!!!!!     Worried about Oil cooler failure? Do you tow and find yourself having high oil temps? Do you live in a hot climate and needing to drop your oil temps when daily driving? Well here is your...

    $1,000.00 $775.00
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  • Eco Diesel Oil Cooler Plate

    This is just a blank plate for your Eco Diesel Ram! This plate is a match to go right into place of your factory oil cooler.    THIS PLATE IS JUST WATER JET CUT PLATE AND HAVE THE HOLES LAID OUT! THIS IS FOR PEOPLE THAT WANT TO BUILD THERE...

    $400.00 $275.00
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  • next to factory outlet Eco Diesel Turbo Outlet

    Eco Diesel Turbo Outlet

    This is a new direct bolt on turbo outlet for the Eco Diesel! WORKS ON BOTH RAM AND GRAND CHEROKEE.   This will work direct with our Inter cooler pipes! Will help with other model inter cooler pipes with different boots to keep from any...

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  • EcoDiesel CCV atmosphere Dump Kit

    THIS IS A CCV "Crank Case Vent" Kit This is a kit that lets you just dump your CCV system onto the ground!         AFTERMARKET TUNING REQUIRED TO BE USED! AFTERMARKET TUNING REQUIRED TO BE USED! AFTERMARKET TUNING...

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  • GC Ecodiesel Combo Kit

    GC Ecodiesel Combo Kit

    Just for all the EcoDiesel Grand Cherokee out there!    This is a Muffler/Baffle Delete "CAC" Pipe and Intake pipe as a combo! This kit has both units at one discounted price!  Our CAC pipe has been very time proven!  The new...

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    GC EcoDiesel Inter cooler pipes

    GC EcoDiesel Inter cooler pipes

    THATS RIGHT!!!!! FULL FAB 3 INCH INTER COOLER PIPES!!!!   This kit is a full direct replacement inter cooler pipe set! Tubes both hot and cold are 3 inch!!! This even comes with our Fab turbo outlet!!! Something you will not find in any...

    $750.00 $625.00
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  • Grand Cherokee Inter Cooler System

    Grand Cherokee Inter Cooler System

    New inter cooler and inter cooler pipe set for 2014-2016 EcoDiesel Grand Cherokee. All Aluminium built inter cooler and tubes in 3 inch. Over 20% bigger then stock inter cooler. Inter cooler show in flow testing to have less then .30 psi drop! Inter...

    $1,500.00 $1,250.00
  • Hot side inter cooler pipe.

    This is a Replacement updated Hot side pipe by itself. This will replace any and all old pipe units from the old version that has ABS line issues.  This kit only comes with 3x3 inch 45* boot to go to our Inter Cooler!  NO CLAMPS just hot side...

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