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Our Story

S&S Diesel Motorsport is the world leader in high-performance common-rail diesel injection and vehicle controls.

Founded in 2012 by former Bosch engineers, S&S Diesel Motorsport draws on 63  years of combined diesel injection and engine development experience to create state-of-the-art common rail diesel injectors and high-pressure pumps.

S&S products are made with the industry’s best components, tested on the world’s best equipment, and balanced to the highest standards by skilled technicians. S&S Diesel Motorsport uses information learned through developing high-performance fuel systems, to create CARB-compliant solutions for real-world durability problems that affect all diesel truck owners.

S&S Diesel Motorsport has the most advanced fuel lab in the world, featuring custom test benches that were developed in-house to meet the extreme testing standards that are necessary for high-performance common-rail injection. The world-class technicians at S&S are capable of testing and modifying anything common-rail.

One of the two Bosch Motorsport dealers in North America, S&S provides turn-key vehicle control solutions for a wide range of motorsport applications. Whether it’s in-house dyno testing or on-site real-world performance, no project is too advanced for the engineers at S&S Diesel Motorsport.